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Fundraiser Night

John Crossingham a colleague from work had organised a fundraiser for his friends daughter Keana who is unfortunately diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor on Boxing Day 2009, at 11 months of age.

Her first operation, a few days later, removed about 80% of the cancerous tumor (anaplastic ependymoma). Keana recovered well from this first surgery and the treatment plan was to involve a second surgery followed by chemo and radiotherapy.

In April 2010, Keana had her second brain operation, however the surgeons discovered that the tumor had grown back to its original size and had grown into places more difficult to remove. On this occasion only 60% of the tumor was able to be removed and it has now been classified as an ‘inoperable brain tumor’. Keana’s treatment plan has now shifted from one of a ‘curative intent’ to one of palliative care.

Keana is currently at home, not receiving any medical assistance and generally a happy child, however due to the location of the tumor it is difficult to say whether she will start to deteriorate in days/weeks/months, hence the short notice of this fundraiser. ‘Making Memories’. Keana has a twin brother Corey, older sisters Kalani and Chloe and we would like to send them all on a nice holiday to share some great memories with what time they have left with Keana. 

John has put an incredible amount of effort to raise as much money as possible. I must say he had done a wonderful job, with over 350 people turning up at the event and raising a large amount of money to put towards the medical costs. Well done JOHN!!! I wish keana a quick recovery, and keep on smiling 🙂

Sample photos can be seen below: – If you would like a copy of all the photos please get in touch with John or myself.


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