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    Hi and welcome to my blog page. I'm a full-time Wedding Photographer specialising in both Indian and Western Weddings. I absolutely love my job and love photographing unique, quirky weddings right to the fun filled colourful weddings that go on for days.

    My approach is a more candid style and I love capturing those special un-posed moments throughout the day.

    Please take a look around my blog and dont hesitate to contact me.

Sanil and Daljit had the perfect weather for their pre wedding shoot. With the clouds looming we thought we were in for some rain but instead the heavens opened and produced a beautiful rainbow and an epic backdrop for this lovely couple.
From nature it was then onto the Grounds of Alexandria for some stunning night shots with the fairy lights and beautiful surroundings. Daljit looked stunning in her Indian anarkali and we cannot wait to show you more from there beautiful wedding. Some highlights from the pre wedding shoot can be seen below.

Sanil pre wedding blog 1

Sanil pre wedding blog 2

Sanil pre wedding blog 3

Sanil pre wedding blog 4

Sanil pre wedding blog 5

Sanil pre wedding blog 6

Sanil pre wedding blog 7

Sanil pre wedding blog 8

Sanil pre wedding blog 9

Sanil pre wedding blog 10

Sanil pre wedding blog 11

Sanil pre wedding blog 12

Sanil pre wedding blog 13

Sanil pre wedding blog 14

Sanil pre wedding blog 15

Sanil pre wedding blog 16

Sanil pre wedding blog 17

Sanil pre wedding blog 18

Sanil pre wedding blog 19

Sanil pre wedding blog 20

Sanil pre wedding blog 21

Sanil pre wedding blog 22

  • February 18, 2017 - 6:27 am

    Kevin Nguyen - Love this session!!!

We photographed our first wedding in Kangaroo valley this year and it was interestingly different which we totally love. Both Luke and Brie walked down the aisle at the same time into the church which we have never witnessed before.
The weather wasn’t the best with severe down pour but the heavens opened up straight after the ceremony. It was just meant to be!! We absolutely loved the beauty of Kangaroo Valley and cant wait to photograph another wedding down there soon.

Church Venue: St. Joseph’s Church
Reception Venue: Wharf Rd, Nowra
DJ: DJ Joe Johar

Here are some highlights from their day:

lukenbrie 1

lukenbrie 2

lukenbrie 3

lukenbrie 4

lukenbrie 5

lukenbrie 6

lukenbrie 7

lukenbrie 8

lukenbrie 9

lukenbrie 10

lukenbrie 11

lukenbrie 12

lukenbrie 13

lukenbrie 14

lukenbrie 15

lukenbrie 16

lukenbrie 17

lukenbrie 18

lukenbrie 19

lukenbrie 20

lukenbrie 21

lukenbrie 22

lukenbrie 23

lukenbrie 24

lukenbrie 25

lukenbrie 26

lukenbrie 27

lukenbrie 28

lukenbrie 29

lukenbrie 30

lukenbrie 31

lukenbrie 32

lukenbrie 33

lukenbrie 34

lukenbrie 35

lukenbrie 36

lukenbrie 37

lukenbrie 38

lukenbrie 39

lukenbrie 40

lukenbrie 41

lukenbrie 42

lukenbrie 43

lukenbrie 44

lukenbrie 45


Raj & Anita had an awesome idea of incorporating a horse into their pre-wedding photoshoot. We hired a beautiful horse for about 20mins and got some amazing photos. You can view some highlights from their photoshoot below:

Rajish 1
Rajish 2
Rajish 3
Rajish 4
Rajish 5
Rajish 6
Rajish 7
Rajish 8
Rajish 9
Rajish 10
Rajish 11
Rajish 12
Rajish 13
Rajish 14

Rajish 15
Rajish 16
Rajish 17
Rajish 18
Rajish 19

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