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    Hi and welcome to my blog page. I'm a full-time Wedding Photographer specialising in both Indian and Western Weddings. I absolutely love my job and love photographing unique, quirky weddings right to the fun filled colourful weddings that go on for days.

    My approach is a more candid style and I love capturing those special un-posed moments throughout the day.

    Please take a look around my blog and dont hesitate to contact me.

Just before leaving for Fiji to photograph their beautiful wedding, we did a small pre-wedding photoshoot in Sydney. We explored some side streets of Surry Hills then headed our way to Bradley’s’ Head for some lovely sunset shots.
I had an awesome surprise for them at the end of the photoshoot which you will all see soon. Love doing something different for all my couples.

This shoot is just filled with beautiful vibrant colours.

Some teaser pics can be seen below:

MBPrewedding 1

MBPrewedding 2

MBPrewedding 3

MBPrewedding 4

MBPrewedding 5

Hello cat.. thanks for dropping by

MBPrewedding 6

MBPrewedding 7

MBPrewedding 8

MBPrewedding 9

Bhavik having a go taking photos of his beautiful fiancé.

MBPrewedding 10

MBPrewedding 11

MBPrewedding 12

MBPrewedding 13

MBPrewedding 14

MBPrewedding 15

MBPrewedding 16

MBPrewedding 17

MBPrewedding 18

MBPrewedding 19

Cant decide on colour or black&white!

MBPrewedding 20

MBPrewedding 21

MBPrewedding 22

MBPrewedding 23

MBPrewedding 24

The colours in the sky was truly amazing!

MBPrewedding 25

Check out the sky now!!

MBPrewedding 26

MBPrewedding 27

So at the end of the shoot I took out some sparklers and also burnt some wool to create the last photo. We had some amazing fun trying to create these two images.
Cant wait to print this on our new metalic prints.

MBPrewedding 28

MBPrewedding 29


Who remembers my last post on cakes?

One on the most common emails I get from my clients is whether I can send them a few photos of different types of cakes to get inspiration as well as other items such as table decorations, flowers etc. Rather than seeing a whole wedding blog post, they would like to see a post dedicated to just individual items. So here it is, a whole post on just Cakes for you all.

Now this is v2. Be sure to check out all the yummy looking cakes on my last post here.

Here is a list of some awesome wedding cake makers I have come across:

Grandeur Bake Studio
Cake Creations by Naheed
Sarahs Sweet Tooth

Cakes V2  9

Cakes V2  1

Cakes V2  2

Cakes V2  3

Cakes V2  4

Cakes V2  5

Cakes V2  6

Cakes V2  7

Cakes V2  8


For those who aren’t following my facebook page here are some recent highlights I have posted from various events in the past few months:

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TeaserPics 5
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